What It Does













Our software provides comprehensive data oversight of an industry’s license management that includes:

  • Maintain contact information with multiple addresses.
  • Retain credential information that includes type, status, and effective dates.
  • Displays enforcement information that includes parties involved, case officers, actions, and issues.
  • Track fees and payments, manages license renewals, and calculates user batches
  • Shows education requirements for licensees and insures fulfillment.
  • Provides reports for the various categories of management.

How It Works

Based on current Microsoft .NET technology, this software runs as an application through a single-page dashboard. In order to store the data, it connects on the backend to the latest Microsoft SQL Server technology. After software authentication and gained access privileges, individual users can run it from their workstations.

If preferred, the system can also be run in the cloud. This requires an additional subscription fee. The centralized code handles all aspects of the system and encrypts data to protect the information as needed. The report system uses SQL Server Reporting services.

Why Use It





LAMS provides several advantages compared to other programs that manage larger licensing systems, which include:

  • In an age of countless browser applications, we have made a software where only internal users will use it and conjunctive browser applications where only valuable to do so. Particularly, we will have an integrated browser application for handling renewals and checking license information for licensees and the public.
  • LAMS uses a “mesh” approach by connecting the various elements of contacts, credentials, cases, fees, and education. Therefore, users can easily navigate from any of these components to a related component without duplicating data entries. Thus, the software reduces frustration.
  • Our software is more cost-effective than other programs. Many systems in this niche space have become complacent, providing minimal, if any support for its cost. LAMS delivers enhanced support for a more sensible cost.
  • Since it is based on standard SQL technology, the reporting allows users to easily augment the system with their own reports. With short training, users can query the system for one-off reports in a standard Excel or PDF format.
  • Additional features of LAMS utilize the advantages of current technology, such as automated email renewal updates, notification of various trigger events in the system (e.g. a significant number of licensees not having renewed), and automated reports. Using current technology gives access to more tools as they become available.

About Us

For over 20 years, ShareVista has provided IT solutions in a variety of IT fields, including networking, storage infrastructure, customer support, and custom programming. In the process, we have written numerous custom applications to facilitate everything from travel expenses to fabrication management and PO systems.

While we were writing adjunct applications for a client involving license management, we recognized an opportunity to create a program to handle the oversight of licenses in general. In conjunction with this client, we studied current products and systems available and analyzed weak areas. We also invested time sitting down with the licensing, education, investigative, and administrative staff to learn what is required to produce a comprehensive, user friendly system. The result is a unique “ONE CLICK, THAT’S IT” mesh technology. In simple terms, users can get to related information with a single click where valuable to do so.

Based on this, we created LAMS, or the License Administration Management System.

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